6 Reasons Why Law Firms' Insurance Premiums Have Increased

Find out what’s impacting your law firm’s insurance premiums

With the average amount paid following a ransomware attack now averaging $84,000, the cost of cyber insurance is on the rise. The combined impact of the costs of recovering from a data breach, a lack of incident response plan, and several other factors all affect the price you pay for your policy.

What do I need to know?

In summary, you need to know what security best practices your insurance provider requires your business to have in place in order to provide cover, and you need this to be put in place by a specialist cybersecurity company – not your IT department.

Start by watching our latest video. Inovo InfoSec’s CRO Gary Beechum explains in detail the 6 factors affecting the cost of cyber insurance for law firms.

Play Video

Need to know more? Gary will be happy to talk further about Inovo InfoSec’s cyber insurance options, or any other aspects of information security you’re concerned about.

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