Data Protection & Privacy

Stay ahead of the rapidly evolving landscape of data privacy, and make sure you can focus on your business objectives safe in the knowledge you’re handling data according to the law.

Expert Privacy & Data Protection Guidance

Inovo InfoSec has the knowledge and experience to guide you through all aspects of data privacy, wherever you are in the world. With a wealth of often confusing information available online, and potentially high costs for recruiting dedicated personnel, we can solve the problem for you.

Privacy regulations can become difficult to manage as they continue to change and increase in scope. Typically, even organizations that have an information security policy do not have the expertise or dedicated personnel to understand and adhere to these regulations – and that’s where our virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO) service comes in.

A vDPO will assess your particular privacy obligations, and implement a clear plan based on worldwide industry knowledge, an expert understanding of IT technology and infrastructure, cybersecurity policy best practice, and insights into the latest data protection practices.

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Your vDPO will be the main point of contact between your organization and regulatory/supervisory authorities, and will ensure all data protection procedures are communicated and integrated internally.

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They will oversee compliance to privacy procedures, deliver Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and provide recommendations on making sure employees adhere to the required standards.

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Staff involved with data processing can be trained directly, awareness can be raised across the organisation, and support in staying ahead of ever-changing laws and regulations can be provided.

What does the program cover?

vDPO-led Data Protection & Privacy

Both your location and your industry are factors in the data related measures your privacy program will need to cover, and your vDPO will take the lead on this. A complete plan for managing, monitoring and training will be delivered, including:

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