What does Inovo InfoSec do?

We provide cybersecurity solutions and training for end users across a range of industries. 

Services include Security Maturity Assessment, Security Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Security Compliance, Data Protection & Policy, Incident Response, vCISO, and a complete Managed Cybersecurity solution.

Training includes Cybersecurity Awareness and Cybersecurity Governance, to build a culture of risk awareness across your organization and implement the right tools and expertise to manage all aspects of security and data protection.

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What is the first step in strengthening my cybersecurity?

We recommend beginning with a Security Maturity Assessment – an audit based on recognized security frameworks and industry best practice – to identify your security strengths and weaknesses, and where you should focus your efforts.

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I’ve had a security incident – what do I do?

Contact our Incident Response Team who will provide immediate assistance to investigate, identify and solve the problem.

If you suspect misuse by a staff member or contractor, we can carry out a Digital Forensics process to gather evidence for use in an internal or legal investigation.

After recovering from a security incident, you may also want to protect yourself from any further compromises by utilising our Incident Response Development service.

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Are there security compliance standards specific to my industry?

For most industries, yes. Inovo InfoSec has experience and expert knowledge of specific security requirements across a range of industries – including Defense Manufacturing, Legal Services, Healthcare, Accountancy, Technology, MSP Cybersecurity, Software as a Service, and Financial Services – and we can advise and manage your industry-specific cybersecurity controls, frameworks and compliance.

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How do I build cybersecurity awareness within my organisation?

Because user behaviour is the leading cause of security risks within an organization, building a culture of awareness is essential in minimizing potentially harmful incidents.

Inovo InfoSec has developed a complete Cybersecurity Awareness training program that can be rolled out across teams and locations, to educate and motivate your people to become aware of security risks – from suspicious links in emails to vulnerabilities in a website’s source code – and adopting behaviour that avoids potential attacks or incidents.

We also provide a Security Governance program to help you implement an effective, authoritative and scalable Information Security Management System (ISMS) within your organization.

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