Industry Specific Cybersecurity

Different industries require different cybersecurity controls, frameworks and compliance. Inovo InfoSec can provide the guidance you need, and the relevant security services along with it.

Where do I start?

Whichever industry you’re in, there are cybersecurity considerations specific to that industry alongside the universal best practices that apply to every organization. When you partner with Inovo InfoSec, we provide the industry-specific knowledge, expertise and tools for your particular security needs.

Army Aerospace Engineers

Defense Manufacturing

When security breaches are particularly high-profile – as they often are in military or government targeted attacks – cutting-edge cybersecurity is of the utmost importance.

Unique among other industries, this sector can be targeted by foreign entities attempting to spy on or sabotage global competitors, hacktivists wishing to make a political statement, and cyber criminals aiming to profit from the huge amount of personal information to be obtained in federal, state and local databases.

Legal Services

Law firms retain vast amounts of client data, information and money, and therefore are a growing target for attacks. This is a particular problem in an industry built on strict confidence and trust between lawyer and client.

Breaches can take place without the knowledge of the firm – via phishing, ransomware or exploiting website vulnerabilities – and the damage can already have been done before they realize they’ve been compromised. Smaller practices are being targeted as much as larger ones, and they can often be seen as an easy target typically due to a lack of cybersecurity infrastructure.

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Healthcare nurse


Ransomware and other forms of cyber crime can literally mean life or death in the healthcare sector. Because large amounts of electronic patient data including financial records are kept, healthcare is a frequent target for exploitation.

The specific compliance standards (including HIPAA – the most well known) are aimed at detecting any exploitable vulnerabilities in order to protect electronic health information. Remaining focused on patients is essential for the day to day running of hospitals, clinics, mental health facilities and other health centers, which is why obtaining expert security guidance and management is key.


By definition, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) need to store a lot of sensitive financial information about their clients’ businesses, and therefore require their cybersecurity defences to be robust.

Accountancy firms are an attractive target for cyber criminals, and because accountants have access to sensitive client data the onus is on them to ensure it is secure. When dealing with the EU, GDPR regulations are also a factor in investing in data storage and security measures.

Statement report
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While it could be said that technology companies operate in a similar space to cybersecurity, technology specialists are focused on the technical and operational aspects rather than security. For this reason, a managed cybersecurity program could be the perfect solution.

Most companies are not able to carry out an extensive and effective Security Risk Assessment, and often come up with operational solutions which are more of a band-aid than a tried and tested strategic plan. Working together with a security provider, your organisation can confidently solve cybersecurity issues that will benefit the business and its clients.

MSP Cybersecurity

If you’re a IT service provider, your own cybersecurity goes hand in hand with your reputation. You must be sure that your own systems are fully matured and protected in order to provide security services to your clients.

From carrying out a Security Maturity Assessment, to Penetration Testing, to implementing the tools and frameworks you’ll need in order to offer SOCaaS solutions to customers – we can take care of it all. Our trusted partner inSOC can help you build or enhance your security offering with a range of easy to resell cybersecurity solutions.


Software as a Service

As more and more companies invest in Software as a Service solutions in place of commercial off-the-shelf software, so too must they invest in making sure that these applications are secure. Companies typically rely on their SaaS vendor to host these applications (rather than hosting them in a data center of their own) because this is a time and cost effective approach – but vendors do not always ensure that their products meet their customers’ specific security requirements.

If your company uses SaaS, we can assess how secure both the software and your own systems are, and recommend the specific controls, frameworks and compliance you may need to remain truly secure.

Financial Services

A prime target industry which holds the key to what attackers ultimately wish to obtain – money and personal information. 1 in 3 financial institutions have experienced some level of cyber attack each year – whether in banking, insurance, brokerage, transaction processing or securities organizations.

Among other activities and compliance, Penetration Testing is a required strategy for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, which involves re-enacting specific real-world cyber attack scenarios to reveal weaknesses in systems and form the basis of a plan to develop advanced Security Maturity.

State and local governments are enforcing cybersecurity regulations for financial services, and Inovo InfoSec can make sure you’re covered.

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