Cybersecurity for Legal Services

The legal industry has specific cybersecurity controls, frameworks and compliance. Inovo InfoSec can provide the guidance you need, along with the relevant security services and compliance.

Industry Specific Cybersecurity for Legal Services

Law firms retain vast amounts of client data, information and money, and therefore are a growing target for attacks. This is a particular problem in an industry built on strict confidence and trust between lawyer and client.

Breaches can take place without the knowledge of the firm – via phishing, ransomware or exploiting website vulnerabilities – and the damage can already have been done before they realize they’ve been compromised. Smaller practices are being targeted as much as larger ones, and they can often be seen as an easy target typically due to a lack of cybersecurity infrastructure.

Ensure Compliance
Avoid fines, penalties and damage to reputation by being aware of the compliance laws and regulations applicable to the legal industry.
Build Trust

As data breaches become more and more commonplace, build trust with your current and potential customers by being security compliant.

Stay Focused

Manage your organization safe in the knowledge that you’re operating within the law. We work with you to ensure you remain fully compliant.

Compliance for Legal Services

Because a law firm may work with clients across many industries and sectors, they are subject to a wide range of compliance regulations according to who they represent.

Inovo InfoSec has extensive experience in guiding organizations towards achieving their relevant compliance goals, and we cover the entire spectrum of solutions. We also partner with MAP Cybersecure to deliver SSAE 19 certification. Book a free consultation call with one of our cybersecurity experts to get started.

Compliance rule law and regulation

Reduce your security risks - starting today

For an overview of your organization’s current security performance, get your instant Security Score. And for deeper insights into potential risks and how to prevent them – book a free consultation call.

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