How a Reputable Law Firm Raised Its Cybersecurity Maturity Level and Won More Business

See how this law firm raised their CIS security maturity level from 0.71 to over 3.51 in 12 months

Turning Cybersecurity Gaps Into Opportunities

Law firms handle vast amounts of sensitive information, and they’re prime targets for cybercriminals.

Data breaches can lead to substantial financial and reputational consequences. Besides regulatory fines and the costs of remedial actions, many also suffer from a tarnished reputation and even loss of business from existing clients.

In this case study, we’ll show you how a high-profile law firm implemented a strategic approach to cybersecurity to raise its CIS security maturity level from 0.71 (out of 5) to over 3.51 in just 12 months.

Download today to see how this law firm turned its cybersecurity gap into opportunities and won more business.

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