Security Governance

Access the tools, training and processes to create an effective governance team to manage security risk in line with your business objectives.

Why does my organization need a Security Governance team?

Because the cause for almost all cybersecurity risks is user behavior, these risks diminish as awareness grows. From accidentally clicking a suspicious link in an email, to producing source code that leaves a network vulnerable, a culture of security awareness and the various elements of IT governance can avoid unsafe employee activity.

The cybersecurity tools and frameworks you have in place can only truly be effective when your team is confident in making informed decisions based on data, procedures and intelligence. Inovo InfoSec’s training will give your governance team the power to:


The objective is to implement an effective, authoritative and scalable Information Security Management System (ISMS) within your organization.

What will security governance achieve?

Creating your Information Security
Management System

The objective of the ISMS framework is to manage people, policies and processes with security risk in mind – to ensure availability and confidentiality of information assets. It can develop your existing cybersecurity program with more matured IT governance standards, or compliment/replace it with appropriate frameworks and compliance – so that each policy and procedure can be properly enforced.

Inovo InfoSec has extensive experience in guiding organizations towards achieving their relevant compliance goals, and we cover the entire spectrum of solutions.

Cyber security team

Reduce your security risks - starting today

For an overview of your organization’s current security performance, get your instant Security Score. And for deeper insights into potential risks and how to prevent them – book a free consultation call.

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