Security Maturity Assessment

Identify the most relevant security risks for your organization and find out where you should focus your efforts – based on recognized security frameworks and industry best practice.

What is a Security Maturity Assessment?

It’s a complete cybersecurity audit evaluation of the progression and capability of your organization’s cybersecurity program, with a view to creating effective, repeatable security processes that can improve continuously.

The process involves a network security assessment, network threat assessment (including security controls gap analysis) and an extensive exploration of security risk, with the aim of identifying your security maturity level. This is represented with an indicative score which can be improved through the resulting actions. 

It will uncover your greatest security risks, and inform you of where your security strategy should be focused in order to build a mature cybersecurity framework within your organization.


A full review of your current strategic security plans will be carried out as part of the assessment.


Compliance with globally recognised controls and frameworks (including NIST, CIS and ISO 27001).


A tactical plan to further mature your security program will be provided, with expert support available.

Need to assess your security maturity?

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