5 Reasons You Need a Security Maturity Level Assessment

Stay ahead of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, achieve compliance, and develop your security strategy – just a few of the benefits of an SMLA. Find out more below.

What is a Security Maturity Level Assessment?

A Security Maturity Level Assessment (or SMLA) is an evaluation of the progression and capability of your organization’s cybersecurity program, with a view to creating effective, repeatable security processes that will improve continuously. The resulting report will inform you of where your security strategy and investments should be focused. Your Security Maturity Level is represented by an indicative score which can be improved through recommended actions.

It's Strategic

Make sure that the security measures you’ve invested in are the right ones.

It's Compliant

Be confident that you’re investing in the right areas and most effective solutions.

It's Provable

Deliver a security program with conclusive ROI to build confidence with stakeholders.

How will it benefit my organization?

5 Reasons You Need an SMLA

Gary Beecham, CRO at Inovo InfoSec, explains the 5 top reasons a Security Maturity Level Assessment will put you on the road to world class cybersecurity – and why it needs to be the first step in assessing and improving the security program of every organization.

Ready To Minimize Your Security Risks?

Simply provide your details and a free report with sample SMLA Roadmap and before/after comparison will be available for download on the next page.

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