The 4 Ways Cyber Insurance Helps Protect Law Firms

Getting back on track after a data breach

With the average cost of recovery from a data breach now at $7million, it pays to have some protection in place. A cyber attack can not only disrupt your business operations and revenue, it can also damage your reputation and result in huge legal and PR costs.

How can you return to business as usual?

Start by making sure you have the correct policy in place. You need to be covered for…

A specialist cybersecurity company should take care of this aspect of your business, rather than the IT department. For example, if a potential security vulnerability is uncovered but it isn’t fixed due to a lack of in-house knowledge, your insurance may be invalidated.

Don’t worry, we can walk you through it. In our latest video Inovo InfoSec’s CRO Gary Beechum introduces you to Cyber Insurance, and the 4 ways it helps protect law firms like yours.

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Need to know more? Gary will be happy to talk further about Inovo InfoSec’s cyber insurance options, or any other aspects of information security you’re concerned about.

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